Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Love at Last by Claudia Connor

Tina Shobe

Love At LastLove At Last by Claudia Connor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clare decides to go on her honeymoon without a husband after getting dumped on her wedding day. There she meets Dr. Deacon Montgomery, veterinarian is at the same resort attending/lecturing at a seminar.

They agree to try out all the different resteraunts the resort has to offer together. They start to connect through all their talks. The only agreement they have it to talk only about the present.

When Deacon extends his visit to spend more time with Clare and then takes off without any word or explanation her self esteem takes another big hit. Deacon received an emergency phone call from home and rushes home.

I really felt for Clare dealing with her new unexpected reality. She's proving just how tough she can be with the challenges that life is tossing at her.

What I really love about Deacon is that he really felt a connection to Clare and isn't ready to let go. He goes to great lengths attempting to locate her, which makes it more challenging when he doesn't know her last name.

When Deacon finally finds her he steps right up to the plate and doesn't hesitate to prove on every level that he's not giving up on them. He believes enough for the both of them until she starts believing it too.

Deacon's two angel twin daughters add an 'awwww' factor to this wonderful story.

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