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Diamond Girl by Andrea Smith

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Diamond Girl (G-Man, #1)Diamond Girl by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GEEZ!! First of all I thought 'G' stood for gorgeous well actually it could because G-Men seem to have a certain level of hotness, so powerful and oozing sex appeal you can't help but be attracted to the them.

The G-Man is this first book of the series is called Slate and by god this man is magnificent. He's the bad guy and good guy roll into one. On first meeting him in this story I was unsure of his motives. He seemed to be a nice guy but came across very crude at times. Nothing like acting out your day job to it's full potential.

Diamond girl A.K.A Sunny, Sammie, Samantha is a beautiful woman living a miserable life. From being very young she has cared for her only daughter who she loves with all her heart as parents should but her daughter, Lindsey came along after a night I am sure she has tried to forget and definitely made excuses for.
The night Lindsey was conceived, her mother Samantha had said no to the RB A.K.A Jack but he being the selfish, deluded man he is took no notice and took exactly what he wanted from Samantha.

Jack was more or less forced to marry Samantha by her father. She had a beautiful home and a beautiful daughter but the love that was lacking in her marriage made life depressing for her. Once Lindsey left for college, Samantha was at a loss. It was time to find herself and find herself she did.

This story is one that delves into domestic violence and even rape. It doesn't go into great detail and for that I am thankful but you get the idea of what is going on. The author has dealt with these issues with tact and sensitivity.

Jack is the worst kind of male. A bully to his own wife, a sleaze, a criminal, a wife beater, a rapist. I mean Jesus! he is such a lowlife. The only good to come out of that man was Lindsey.

Samantha starts exercising, building up her self confidence and boy does she excel. She takes on the role of a pole dancer, she has become one hot moma.
She doesn't need the money, this is just something for her. A secret that she loves and is very good at.

She meets Slate while working in a club. He comes across as being very protective of her and she kind of likes it, plus she can't help but drool over him, I mean he's just so strong and gorgeous. The eyes can't hide from this man.

Long story short these two have a whole world of trouble heading their way. Samantha is in for the shock of her life. Slate can't seem to function without her even though he's got someone else servicing him, I know, right? well you will understand all once reading this book.

It's a totally awesome read. I mean this author has never failed me yet. She literally draws me into her stories, I forget everything and everyone around me. Then when I finish all I can think about is starting the next book.

This is a must read, add it to your TBR, better yet download immediately. You will want to keep reading. If you haven't picked up a book by this author then you are missing out.

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