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Silent Whisper by Andrea Smith

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Silent Whisper (Limbo, #1)Silent Whisper by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My heart is in limbo, let me tell you. Just WOW!! I'm trying to find the appropriate words to explain to you, the reader what I have just experienced.

This story sucked me in like a vacuum. I was taking on a journey back in time, reading this book through the eyes and memories of Karlie. Jesus Christ powerful just doesn't seem to cut it, let me have a think.

This book goes beyond storytelling, it's like I just took a voyage through someone else's life. Yes it's a story and having these feelings can only reinforce that this author is indeed a magnificent writer but all these emotions I was experiencing from a book is just hard to comprehend.

Parrish is in a car accident and what she experiences after that is going to be hard to believe but yet it is believable just open your mind. Let this story take you where it took me.

Karlie such a beautiful woman, definitely had the worst start in life but she's strong, a survivor, like the cat with nine lives and we all know what happened to the cat.

Dominic such a handsome man, scrap that he's strikingly attractive. His features are so exceptional you can't help but be impressed. Unfortunately he's living a life that is unmentionable. He doesn't seem comfortable with it but continues to live it.

Belle is a wise woman, seen the world with a view very different to you or I. She's the closet thing Karlie has to a mother, no matter how inappropriate the circumstances. Belle gave Karlie and her best friend Lana a job when they left college. She's looked after them the best she could and obviously wanting a better life for them both.

Lana is a lovely girl, sometimes forgetting where she came from or maybe she really does want to forget. Her love for Karlie is one thing that's guaranteed. Friends forever, not just words they have the deepest meaning.

Walter completely misguided but all for love. What would you do for love? These people come together in extraordinary circumstances.

As you can tell I could talk about this book all day long. It's a book that has made a safe haven in my memory bank and a special place in my heart.

The greatest book I have read and I've read some amazing books. This has touched me deeply. I've kept it completely spoiler free and that's not easy when I want you all to know about this story.

My ending to this review has to be. DOWNLOAD TODAY! I've laughed, cried great big ugly tears. I've felt sadness mixed with happiness. It's a must read.

OMG!! Andrea Smith I don't know how you wrote that but you did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this heartwarming yet exciting read.

Joandisalovebooks say's 5 star perfection.

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