Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Whiskey Nights by Fabiola Francisco

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Whiskey Nights (Sweet on You, 2)Whiskey Nights by Fabiola Francisco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do, Jake. I most definitely do, sadly Jake doesn't, he only has eyes for, Beth. Lacy on the other hand, I'm just her type. What? Fabiola Francisco the queen of romantic HEA has written a F/F? Sadly no, Lacy is a lesbian character. Actually she's a really fun girl, so watch this space. I see a novella of F/F on the horizon. Just dropping a huge hint there.
I've been looking forward to reading Beth's story after being introduced to her character from 'Sweet on Wilde'.
Jake is the hottest bar tender in town and guess who he wants in his bed. Yep he wants the gorgeous Beth.
In the beginning Beth thinks Jake is just messing around but it soon becomes clear that he actually does want to take her out on a real date.
It's always fun in the beginning. Beth and Jake have so much fun together.
They are a match made in heaven or so I thought. Sadly the first disagreement which turns into a fight leaves them going their separate ways.
They are both completely miserable. Beth can't even get out of bed as she's so heart broken. The bakery is left to Lacy to run while she mourns her loss.
Beth knows she needs to snap out of it, she has responsibilities but if you've ever had your heart broken you'll know it's painful. That sickly feeling in the pit of your stomach. Losing your appetite, feeling like there's no hope. It's a sad time and everyone around you wants to make you feel better but nothing works.
Only time will mend Beth's heart. She will always love Jake but time will make it easier.
Poor Jake looks how Beth feels. God it's just awful.
I know what your thinking. Well if they both love each other so much why are they not together. Well it's simple one of them wants something that the other doesn't.
I need a whiskey. I don't drink it to be honest but Beth loves it.
This book was so close to real life. Anyone can connect with this story. I loved it. It's has laugh out loud moments and feelings of sadness. The sex is off the charts HOT!
It's an all round brilliant read.

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