Monday 5 October 2015

Wake Me Up Inside by Cardeno C.

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Wake Me Up Inside (Mates, #1)Wake Me Up Inside by Cardeno C.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seeing is believing. Reading is make-believe, right?
I'm a believer that anything can happen.
After reading Zev and Jonah' story I find myself wanting this book to be so very real.

Zev is accepting of all things, shifters, humans, vampires, he is quite a remarkable shifter. Determined to follow through with what life has planned out. He will make an exceptional leader of the pack known as the Alpha.
He believes not only is he a gay shifter but he has found his mate, life long friend Jonah to whom he will tie with once they have fulfilled their dreams. Unfortunately this is no easy task.
First of all no male shifter has ever been gay, second, tying with anyone other than a female shifter is unheard of and his parents refused to believe him. Thirdly, when two mates are parted for a length of time, they become unwell. Both Zev and Jonah struggle for years but only Zev understands why. Jonah has no clue, he thinks he's losing his mind.
Jonah moved away from Zev to attend college in the city wanting to become a doctor. He misses Zev so much, many times he's thought of just going home and into the arms of the man that he feels complete contentment with and with whom he feels safest. Zev is everything to him but he wants more than Zev can give right now.
Jonah wants Zev on a deeper level, committing to one another but he doesn't understand that if they take there relationship to the next level what they feel now when being apart will amplify because in Zev's world it's called tying to your mate.

Zev decides to give Jonah a surprise visit and brings along his sister and Toby. It's more of a shock than surprise since Jonah is clearly losing his mind and is looking for companionship elsewhere.
My heart breaks for Zev. He wants nothing more than to take his mate but he also wants him to live out his hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor.

Shifters do not live the easiest of lives to begin with. Humans refuse to accept them.
It's time for change and if anyone can achieve this it's Zev.
There is always danger lurking around the corner but Zev and his family can handle anything, I am sure of after reading this book.

If you are a lover of paranormal and the gay genre this is definitely the book for you. It's pack with adventure and such a loving romance.
It's hard not to feel such emotion in your heart while reading.

I am really looking forward to reading book two. Thank you for sharing your story Cardeno. C. I enjoyed Zev and Jonah's story immensely.

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