Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sloth by Ella James


Sloth (Sinful Secrets, #1)Sloth by Ella James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sloth drew me in like watching a train wreck that you can't look away from; you know it is going to crash and burn you just don't know how. Ella keeps you guessing until the end.

Cleo is humorous and quick witted. She also has some deep pain and secrets.

Kevin Walsh is beautiful and alluring. He also has pain and secrets.

See....train wreck.

Ella made me laugh but she also hurt my heart. The characters are well developed and made me hurt for them.

“We’re not meant to be alone. We’re made with holes inside our souls. The only way to survive is to fill them. I think the catch is, you don’t get to choose with what.”

These two are on fire when they are together. I think the corner of my kindle melted a bit.

Sloth is one of those books that alter you forever; that you think back on from time to time; that makes you look at the world and people just a little bit different. It isn't pretty. It isn't hearts and flowers. It is soul changing and heart breaking and beautiful.

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