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In Your Eyes by Cardeno C.

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

In Your Eyes (Mates, #3)In Your Eyes by Cardeno C.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God I love a great paranormal romance. Shifters are one of my favourites. It's got to be the strong alpha male that draws me in, that and a great story line.
M/M romance is just like reading M/F, I suppose it depends on how open minded you are.
For me there's nothing hotter than two hot male shifters in love.
When I am reborn, I am coming back as a male, hopefully able to shift and of course I will be gay, LOL. I know I'm crazy but I get so into these books, I can't help but imagine what it would be like.

In this third book of 'The Mates Series' we are introduced to Samuel Goodwin and Korban Keller both will one day be alpha's of the packs.
When Samuel was of a young age he met Korban and never trusted him, there was something that didn't sit well with him. Korban made him feel weird, he struggled when being near him but Korban insisted they play out together, he wanted to be Samuel's friend.

Years went by and Samuel only seen Korban a couple of times and that suited him fine. He was to busy learning what it meant to become an alpha. How to be there for his people but he was lacking in certain areas. He needed to feel compassion and love, understanding of feelings. Although he was very knowledgeable of the shifter histories and would learn everyone's name, their children's names, what they did, where they lived it was no good, unless he could connect to his people, he knew he wouldn't make a great alpha.

Korban knew from a young age that Samuel was his true mate but he wanted to give Samuel space and time for him to realize what Korban meant to him. Unfortunately Samuel couldn't see, he thought something was off about Korban.

Something devastating happen and it brought Korban and Samuel together but not in a good way. Samuel wanted to kill the alpha, seeking revenge for an unjust crime but Samuel never expected it to be Korban. He was struggling with his emotions, he couldn't understand what was going on.
Korban ended up being Samuel's prisoner, this was a sad time when reading, wondering what was going to happen and Samuel really was struggling. He believe himself to be a monster. He just couldn't hold back any longer and took what he wanted from Korban.

Once Korban had a chance to break through Samuel's barriers life started to become clearer, not easier but definitely things started to make sense.
Korban and Samuel were true mates, the greatest gift a shifter could receive.

True mates will do anything to protect their mates, even kill. The mind can not think past anything other than to rip the head off any person who dares to hurt them.

Samuel and Korban make such a great couple, I wish they had of mated sooner and it would of saved so much heartache but then that's what makes this story so good.

I have loved each book in this series and hope that one day there will be another. The only question that remains is. What happened to the lasagna? LOL. Your thinking what is she talking about, well that would be telling but let me just say, if you put a lasagna in the oven then it's got to come out, right?

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