Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Stone Cold by Eva LeNoir

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Stone Cold (Underdogs of the Arena, #2)Stone Cold by Eva LeNoir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh for the love of God it's anything but cold.
I thought the pages were going to burst into flames the sexual scenes in this book are described in great detail, they have me all hot and bothered.

I do love a good paranormal. There's just something about shifters. So alpha male, strong, protective, gives me butterflies in my stomach.

Jared aka Stones is one seriously hot alpha male. He's just grrrrrr, yes I'm growling. I know Jared would like to hear me growl. Only in my dreams unfortunately.

Sloane is the best friend of Ellen and is Stones's ex. I was in disbelief reading she actually left him. You'd have to peel me away.
Sorry back to the story. As I was saying they were a couple but two years has past and he's beyond angry she's even shown up and she's trying to remain brave.

Ellen and Stone's end up in the ring. Practicing apparently, oh yeah blood all over and powerful blows being thrown, definitely in training, NOT.
Nash puts a stop to it not liking seeing his female being thrown around the ring. Whatever that chick is as hard as they come.

What is first a very hostile meeting leads to off the charts sexual chemistry.
Stone really knows how to look after a woman's needs along with his own. That man/shifter can move a mountain with his pelvis.

This book is a one that needs added to your TBR shelf and read ASAP. I definitely recommend to all lovers of paranormal.

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