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G-Men Holiday Wrap by Andrea Smith

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

G-Men Holiday Wrap (G-Man, #3.5)G-Men Holiday Wrap by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let the games begin. Five couples going on a cruise what could possibly go wrong? Hehe!! Just about everything.

Let's have some introductions but hopefully by now you know them all.

First up we have sexy couple Slate & Sammie.
Second we have intense love Taz & Lindsey.
Third we have dynamic duo Easton & Darcy
Fourth we have quiet but erotic, Colin & Ronnie.
And finally our fifth couple two male hotties, Eli & Cain.

I know that's quite a bunch, right? These guys have made for very interesting reading. I'd like to say I've been on an adventure but that's not quite the right word. I've got it, I've been on an incredible journey with these characters, to name a few, I've read about domestic violence, rape, drug busts, kidnapping, money laundering, brutal rape.
Welcome to the world of G-Men.

Even though at times it's been a tough ride these guys have brought laughter to this series. They so deserve a break and each of them have chemistry going on that will steam your glasses up.

Each couple has some kind of drama going on, nothing like what they have endured through the past. It's actually hilarious.
We have one G-Man having sea sickness, one wife being stung by a jellyfish, can you see where this is going.
Whoever said love was easy, these macho men and independent women just love a good argument because the make up sex is awesome.

I've become to understand these characters and fell in love with them all as I'm sure this is what the author intended.

The bonus scenes were great, it's always exciting knowing you can read more.
The fake chapter, well thank god it's fake because that is one way of ruining a fabulous story. I actually kept saying to myself this chapter is not real, it didn't happen. She's just showing you what happened before the story came together.
OMG!! The whole book is fiction, I've completely lost the plot. Just goes to show you how good this series is.

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