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White Fire by Eva LeNoIr

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

White Fire (Underdogs of the Arena #3)White Fire by Eva LeNoir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Firer Stars

Oh Lord! Where to start? If you read book two in this series, you would have met Kyle, I did and honestly I was not his biggest fan. I thought the guy was seriously bad news. He's the brother of Sloane, she is the complete opposite to him. He has a huge ego, selfish, manwhore springs to mind and definitely evil.

Kyle doesn't want his sister Sloane to be with Stone but they are in love. Something Kyle doesn't understand, yet.
He is sent on a mission which goes pear shaped, leaving him captured. When he awakens he is greeted with the most beautiful woman, Aishlyn and of course tries his very best to get her to join him in bed.

Aishlyn is a witch, the good kind. She was also sent on a mission by her father.
She doesn't want to fail and will do her best to avoid Kyle's advances. Isn't to hard considering she has some kind of spell on her that no man can touch her. Imagine Kyle's surprise having electricity pulsing through his body.

The attraction between these two characters is very plain to see. You can feel the tension just by reading. Of course Kyle is not a man to give up so easily and Aishlyn so wants to be with him.

It's so great when an Author brings in the previous characters from a series. I loved hearing about them all. Each have their own unique story but will definitely end up in each others lives. I mean when I first read book one 'Blood Weight' I loved Nash. Then I read book two 'Stone Cold' and loved Stone even more. Now after reading Kyle's story, I am undecided between Kyle and Stone. Hmmmm need to give this some thought, I never thought I would feel this way about Kyle but the man does have a heart and oozes hotness at a huge level, Adonis, yes he's an Adonis LOL!

This is another excellent read and I just can't wait for more. Oh! there will be more. No real cliff hanger here, more of a tease. It did the trick because I am dying to know more.
This series will be continued. YIPPEE!!

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