Monday, 5 October 2015

Fallen Angel, Part 3 by Tracie Podger

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Fallen Angel, Part 3Fallen Angel, Part 3 by Tracie Podger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just can not get enough of these characters. This story can literally take you on an adventure which you will believe to be true. I found myself dreaming of this book. The impact this story has had on my life is one of excitement. I have loved every minute of reading this story.

Everything revolves around Robert. He is the main man, boss, leader what ever you want to call him. He has two very best friends, Travis and Evelyn. They have been stuck together like glue since childhood Evelyn is the eldest of the trios. She has looked after them their whole lives. These three have a pact that is impossible to break. There may be the odd glitch in their friendship but what else can we expect when no one has ever entered into their personal lives until Brooke.

Things are starting to change and as always Robert is trying to protect everyone and feels is to blame for many things. The only thing Robert will not tolerate is anyone bad mouthing or even thinking of harming Brooke. She is his reason for living. Luckily Brooke is a very forgiving soul. She wants Robert to be happy and is strong enough to fight his corner.

Travis is having a difficult time and it's beginning to affect everyone.
A journalist is out to try and destroy Robert's reputation. Brooke is struggling with her emotions. Evelyn has her own troubles as well as being there for everyone. It a cluster of a situation that needs to be resolved before it goes any further.

The saddest part about this book was the ending because I had finished. I want more. I could read, read and read more about these characters. This series have been the most exciting I have read in a long time. That one book you can not put down. The one you want to tell everyone about. The Fallen Angels Series needs to be read.

It's time to meet Robert Stone. Dangerous and thrilling, definitely. Hot and exciting, most certainly. Love and adventure, guarantee.
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Author Tracie Podger just WOW! Thank you and please give me more. I have thoroughly enjoy every book, every page, every line.

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