Monday, 5 October 2015

Disheveled by Eva LeNoir

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

DisheveledDisheveled by Eva LeNoir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Check list for reading Disheveled as follows.
Add your favourite ice cream to your shopping list, you may feel adventurous after reading, wink, wink!!
Make sure to be home alone so family members don't keep asking "what are you laughing at?"
Tissues will come in handy for those snorting moments.
Prepare yourself an ice cold glass of water, your mouth will become dry.
You're now ready, sit back, relax and let the laughter begin.

Delilah owns an Art Gallery, has one employee, Jade, oh there is a definite story to be about Jade. She has some fantastic, funny and definitely unique friends. They all meet up once a week and basically drool over a guy called Raul and have discussions about their love lives or lack of. Sounds like my kind of night.

Delilah wants, no needs some action in the bedroom. B.O.B is just not cutting it anymore, bless her, it has been a loooooong time since she's had any kind of action. She blames her roommate, Cole.

Cole is the epitome of the hunky male. He's way too good looking, smooth, sophisticated and has an alter ego the size of Mount Everest but Delilah is so in love with him, it's been four long years of drooling over the controlling lawyer.

Delilah decides enough is enough and tries a dating site. She believes that Cole is putting it about with every female in sight, it's about time she gets some male attention.

Not sure she took the stranger danger talk all that serious from her parents.
This woman is in for quite a shock but hey who's she to complain if it leads to her every orgasmic fantasy.

This is a fantastic story filled with laugh out loud moments. Scenes you can definitely relate to. It's written so well you will read it no time at all, flying through the pages just to see what happens next.

Laughter brings happiness and this book has brought the biggest smile to my face.
I most certainly recommend to every reader. May your day be brighter for reading this book.

This really goes without saying but I thank you Author Eva LeNoir for sharing your fabulous and hilarious story.

One question remains, can me and Isa join your UCC meets?

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