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Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C.

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Until Forever Comes (Mates, #2)Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The life of a shifter is written before they are even born. You are brought into the community and only interact with other shifters, you grow up learning their ways and once you become a man you choose your mate or if you're lucky you meet your one true mate. The women are a little different, they grow hoping to meet a strong shifter that will in turn help them shift.

What happens if you're born a shifter but are unable to shift? Ethan has never been like the other shifters. For the last twenty years he's struggled to be like the rest.
Shifters are not supposed to leave the land and go into town, never mind talk to a vampire but this is exactly what Ethan does. He is drawn to a vampire called Miguel.
Miguel makes Ethan feel better, happy and healthy. He feels stronger when they are together.

Nothing can stop Ethan from leaving and seeking out Miguel. He believes he is his intended mate and will be by his side.
A shifter and a vampire being true mates has never been heard of.
His sister believes he is special and will have a great life. She is the only one in the whole pack that supports him in his decision.

Miguel doesn't understand how he can feel the way his does about Ethan but he can't stay away. They are the perfect match, in all his years of living he's never felt like this. He feels the ultimate connection with Ethan, the instincts to protect his mate are so strong. He almost feels human when being with his mate. Ethan tries to explain what it means to find your true mate. It's very rare special to find the other half of you. They will become one and share each others strengths.

A shifter mating with a vampire is going to cause some problems for sure but nobody messes with Miguel or should I say if they are stupid enough to try then god help them.

The romance in this story really is beautiful. Two powerful males making out is just as about as hot as it gets but you can feel the love, its a powerful combination.

If you love a paranormal romance involving shifters this is the book for you. The story is brilliant and will keep you turning the pages. Not everyone understands the love that two men can have for one another, nor understand the world of shifters but really what is to understand. Love is love in any shape or form.

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