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Memphis by Ginger Scott

Melinda Lazar 

MemphisMemphis by Ginger Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Memphis by Ginger Scott

Memphis and Olivia meet when Olivia returns home with her tail between her legs. ‘Home’ is the last place she wants to be, surrounded by all the toxicity of her family but she been left with no money and no choice. Memphis is a fighter: the one thing Olivia promised herself she’d never get involved with but the simmering attraction between them can’t be put aside. Memphis has his own set of issues: becoming a fighter and striving to be the best to make a dead man proud are at the top of the list and between Memphis and Olivia, the list is rather extensive.

I enjoyed this book and the main characters very much. However, I truly hated some of the secondary characters (which I was supposed to)! Olivia’s mother was just awful - perhaps even evil - in her treatment of Olivia and Memphis and in her actions both present and past. Unfortunately, her father and uncle weren’t that much better. How she survived and became the person she is, is beyond me. Everything about Memphis just made my heart ache. Such a good, kind, generous person and surrounded by these vipers ahhh! I just wanted to scream!

I’ve read a few of Scott’s books and enjoyed them immensely. While I liked this one as well, there was something missing that would take it from like to love but I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was. Maybe it just didn’t pack the punch I’ve come to expect from Scott. Nonetheless, this was a great, solid read and I probably will reread down the track to see if I can pinpoint what was missing.

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