Thursday, 15 February 2018

Secret Lucidity by E.K. Blair

Isa Jones

Secret LuciditySecret Lucidity by E.K. Blair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I read the Blurb for this story I was immediately captivated so I was  delighted to have been given the privilege to receive an ARC and review this book.

Heartwarmingly beautiful and poignantly real, Secret Lucidity was one gut-wrenching read. It left me breathless and in awe of the complexity of the writing yet it was simple in its fluidity.

When your world crashes down around you and the unimaginable loss has left you void of all emotion how do you manage to pick yourself up from something so strong.

Cam or (Camillia) is a normal happy seventeen year old with her bright and promising future in front of her. She is loved by her family, friends and admired by her teachers. She is just the perfect all round student. She excels at swimming and its passionate about her sport. When tragedy strikes and she looses everything, her dreams and goals are suddenly put on hold. Time seems to stand still and she falls faster into an abyss of despair and depression. With no one and nowhere to turn Cam suddenly finds herself being rescued from the depths of sorrow by an unlikely source.

Having being betrayed by loved ones, David has left behind the life he thought he wanted in search of loosing himself and forgetting that pain. After many years, he now believes he has put enough distance from everyone who serves as a reminder of what could have been. He is now happy working in a school and loves coaching. But when tragedy strikes and he is witness to Cam's sorrow he can't help but feel the need to protect her and bring her out of the darkness.

What begins as a simple act of kindness soon develops into something more and both Cam and Daniel are lost to their mutual attraction. But they both know their relationship is impossible. To the eyes of the world they are wrong for each other and will be braking so many laws and rules. Forced to remain hidden from prying eyes they find themselves fighting each day for a simple glimpse or an innocent touch to give them the strength to fight time and space.

I want to say so much more but I do not want to ruin the experience for anyone. I can only say, I had my heart in my throat many times in this book. The story deals with many critical factors, like alcoholism, depression and self-harm, and being privy to one of those in my life, I know of the ramifications and effects they have on a person and it can affect a whole family.
E.K. Blair not only talks about these factors but also makes the reader, in an indirect way, feel the pain the characters are experiencing, that is remarkable and for that I commend her.

I fell in love with both Cam and Daniel and their book and I would like to continue meeting more of Ms Blair's characters, so watch this space as they say.

Secret Lucidity is a MUST READ and in my opinion an unforgettable story.

5 STARS. Isa for Jo&Isalovebooks Review Team.

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