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Saving The Princess by Helena Newbury

Isa Jones

Saving the PrincessSaving the Princess by Helena Newbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book came into my hands (well my kindle) at a time in my life when I most needed an escape from the world. I would never like to take for granted an Author's work and regardless for being my escape this book was extraordinarily romantic and perfectly written.

Who didn't like reading fairytales growing up. Meeting a handsome prince and riding into the sunset?. Well this book was not that sort of fairytale. Instead Helena has given us an exhilarating, and explosive, rollercoaster ride, where the Princess falls in love with the rough but sexy as hell ex-marine gentle giant, and they find themselves fighting not only their mutual attraction but for their lives.

Garrett, a former marine, never imagined that he was going to find himself falling for a royal princess, but the moment he sets his eyes in Kristina he just can't seem to avert his sight. When he sees the princess in trouble, his battle instincts kick in and he is not going to stop until she can be safe once again. Falling out of a plane however is childs-play compared to the turbulent and alien emotions he is internally fighting when he is next to Kristina. He will stop at nothing to protect her and the more he is in her company the more he realises she is nothing like what he was expecting her to be.

Kristina is strong and beautiful. As a royal princess she has learnt the importance of responsibilities and the duty that comes with being a public figure. Her country has seen devastation, war and despair, and she has experienced first hand hatred from her enemies. Her country has risen and things seem to be back in order, but an attempt on her life whilst on a plane at thirty-thousand feet say otherwise.

Garrett and Kristina embark in the biggest fight for survival. Travelling across America, together they must find a way to outrun the enemy and bring Kristina back to the safety of her land. But when the enemy is within the chances are minimal. The more time they spend in each other company the hardest it gets to fight their feelings. Garrett only sees himself as a brute, useful for one purpose, but Kristina sees beyond his rugged exterior and she wants him badly. But when she has to choose between love and duty Garrett also has to decide between loving Kristina or protecting her royal highness.

I have had the pleasure of reading all of Helena's books and each has been so special, but I fell madly in love with both Garrett and Kristina. She is badass, smart and no-nonsense girl and Garrett is strong, handsome and has a heart that matches his big exterior, they are just a pair made in heaven and this was their perfect fairytale.

Thank You Helena for allowing me to read and review another masterpiece.

5 MAGICAL STARS. Isa for Jo&Isalovebooks Blog.

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