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A Dangerous Fury by J.S. Scott

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

A Dangerous Fury (The Sentinel Demons, #3)A Dangerous Fury by J.S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love to read Paranormal Romance books and have been eagerly waiting to read about Hunter. The Sentinels Series is one of my favourite Paranormal reads.
Hunter is indeed a demon hunter, Hunter by name hunter by nature. From the beginning he was never one to sit around and wait for things to happen, the Sentinel is a doer not a thinker.
His leader Kristoff sends him on a journey to go see the Goddess Athena. Athena is protected by very powerful magic, the kind that no man could penetrate but Hunter is not a just a man he's a powerful Sentinel with powers of his own. Unfortunately his powers are failing him, he can't understand why. Beasts are attacking him from all directions while he makes his way to Athena. The task should have been simple but the journey is one that is so dangerous thoughts of Hunter not surviving become all to real.
Athena is patiently awaiting for Hunter to arrive, she thought he would have arrived long ago. She has never left her home which has been like living in a prison but with all the luxuries anyone would desire. It has been a lonely existence for her but one she has lived regardless of the walls surrounding her.
Athena is a very powerful Goddess, she has no problem protecting herself.
What occurs after the brutal journey that Hunter had to make is astounding it's not what I expected at all.
If you have read the first to books in this series you will know that Kristoff and Athena are close friends. I always believed they would mate one day.
Such a wonderful feeling to be in love but it's never without a series of complications.
Sentinels who find their true mate become very protective, an instinct they can not fight against no matter how hard they try. So many evils out there wanting to hurt humans and most definitely the mates of Sentinels. This is why God created the Sentinels to protect the humans. The cycle of life is the same for everyone that is human, you live, hopefully fall in love, be happy and then you die. For a Sentinel it can be a life spam of thousands of years with no mate.
I loved this book. Author J.S.Scott always brings the story to life. Thank you once again for a brilliantly read.

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