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Pretty Liar by Donna Alam

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Pretty Liar (Pretty, #2)Pretty Liar by Donna Alam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

RED HOT READ! Book two in the Pretty Trilogy is outstandingly EPIC. I am just loving this trilogy. Expressing my thoughts about books I have read is never easy. I'm a reader not a writer but I do give an honest review and hope that I do each book justice.
I had to read this book immediately after reading Book One 'Pretty Hot'. It was midnight and I couldn't get to sleep until I had my fill.
In my head the characters are real, I believe that's because the Author has drawn me fantastically into to her world of Kate and Kia.
Just like Kate when her heart is pounding mine is ready to burst out of my chest. All the emotions portrayed in this book I have felt, the joy, the laughter, the sadness. I am so eager for people to read and feel the same way. I want to chat to them about this book.
Kate is happy, she's scared not of Kia but of how she feels. Being hurt so badly by someone she believed loved her is hard for her to get over but at the same time she has to admit to herself that she's never felt this way before not even for her ex Shane.
So many people warning her to stay away from Kia but he promises to look after her begging her to trust him. Not only to protect her but to trust that he will take care of all her pleasure, she will never need anyone apart from him. TRUE FACT!! The man is Ohhhhhhh!! Yes I am drooling. He is beautiful, he's skilled in ways we only dare to dream about.
Kia has a cousin called Essam, he's such a sleaze ball. I really do not like him, Kate feels the same way. She has a very low opinion of him and with good reason. He keeps warning her about Kia and one night he takes it to far. Oh god he makes my skin crawl. He needs to be put in a kennel.
After certain events happen, Kate can not even think clearly, she has a lot to deal with. Essam for one then Kia's father giving her an unwelcome visit, words can not describe the low life that his father is. Then of course we have Sofia. Let me tell you about Sofia, first word that springs to mind is TRAMP! She is married but doesn't mind putting herself about. After reading I know why but still the woman is disgustingly evil.
Things go past the point of no return for Kate and she does what she always does, she runs or rather flies the hell out of Dubai.
Queue ex fiancé Shane, why on God's earth does he still think he's in with a chance of re kindling their relationship is beyond me.
Heartbroken and consumed with grief Kate doesn't know what to think, feel or do. Kia is pretty much the same way. No matter what has happen in this story one thing is clear, LOVE. They most definitely 100% are in love with each other. What happens next I can't wait to find out. Thank you Donna Alam for sharing your epic story.

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