Monday, 22 June 2015

Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Identity Crisis (The Executive Decision Trilogy, #2)Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Time to breathe. This book was epic. Garett Thorne, the brother of famous CEO, Ellis Thorne is an amazing man. He's been writing for years under a pen name. Garrett really wants to keep this all a secret but his agent and publisher has other ideas. He is up for an award and they want him to reveal himself. He comes up with a plan to hire someone to be the famous writer Tess Delaney. Perfect plan, right? If only all plans of deceit actually worked out. Kendra Davis, best friend of Dee, who's now engaged to Ellis Thorne, wants to work for Tess, she's good at what she does and will stop at nothing to meet the woman who writes these fantastic novels. Kendra no stranger to taking on new identities, gets an interview with Tess or is it Garett and is Garett meeting Kay or Kendra. Obviously Garett and Kendra already know each other and really dislike each other, so this made for a very interesting read. There's problems and complications from the minute Tess Delaney comes out of hiding. When she finds herself being stalked. things turn nasty. Many celebrities have their share of harmless fans messaging and following them around. When messages become more serious such as death threats, it's really time to get some extra help. Kendra acts all tough and actually is a strong woman but things from her past take over her emotions. Garett is an absolute talented hottie. I've laughed and loved the romance in this book. At one point I was even shouting at my kindle, like the characters in this book could actually hear me lol. This was brilliantly written. I'm ready for book three in this trilogy.

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