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Pretty Hot by Donna Alam

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Pretty Hot (Pretty, #1)Pretty Hot by Donna Alam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


HOT HOT HOT!! I honestly didn't know what to expect when picking up this book. We read so many sometimes they all seem alike but it's a Genre I love to read. This book had me hooked, absolute page turner. Full of humour, sexy scenes, fantastic story line. TOTALLY GRIPPING!!
Donna Alam has wrote a story that readers of books like 50 shades will completely love. It's not a copy of any other book, it has its own unique story, fresh and captivating.
One of the main characters Kate from Australia, she has moved to Dubai after having her heart broken by the weasel ex fiancé Shane. Kate moves in with her friend Niamh till she gets herself sorted. Looking for a new job, a new life that will make her happy. The only thing Kate doesn't want is a boyfriend. Trust such an easy word to write and say but to give trust after having it broken is one of the hardest things to do.
Kate and Niamh are hilarious, I've laughed out loud with them on many occasions while reading.
Kate gets a job teaching at an all girls school, it's here that she has an encounter with a man called Kia. She is affected instantly just by being in his mere presence but she tells herself NO WAY, NOT HAPPENING!!.
Kia definitely has other plans. He can't get Kate out of his mind, needing just one chance to get to know her a little better.
Kia is a wealthy man mainly because of his background. Born into such wealth gives you a great start in life, he works hard but plays even harder. Oh that man is a God. He sounds like such a dream, he's been in my dreams since reading this book.
In Dubai their lifestyle is very different, many strange laws to follow and certain traditions that will not suit everyone. Kia does not want to be like others but his father a very unreasonable man has his own ideas how Kia should live and how his future should pan out, actually Kate has the same problem with her mother, interfering in her life, thinking she knows what is best. Kate and Kia are both adults and should be able to live how they see fit without interference but life is just not that simple.
The ending is left on a cliffy BUT do not despair, chapter one of book two is ready to read at the end PHEW!!
Complications and drama is what makes a good book but what makes a great book is having a fresh story with the elements of what we love to read about. This book is a must read. DON'T DELAY READ IT TODAY!! Thank you Donna Alam for sharing your brilliantly written story. Time for me to read book two.

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