Project Lexi by Lisa Survillas


Project LexiProject Lexi by Lisa Survillas
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Project Lexi covers some heavy subjects. Lexi has suffered from abuse and is on her own for the first time, going away to college. Derek suffered from tragic loss. They meet at college when assigned to do a project together.

The project forces them to open up and share their separate horrors. Derek is further along in his recovery and helps Lexi progress with her own. He is patient and kind. She is very dependent on him, as she had been on her friend Paige, and I am not sure how I feel about how that will effect their relationship moving forward. I struggled connecting to Lexi at times but that is probably due to the nature of her withdrawn character. Derek is just a sweet caring boy.

This is not your run of the mill romance and covers serious subject matter which Lisa has handled carefully.

Looking forward to how these characters work through their issues in Loving Lexi.

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