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Sight and Sinners (Men Of London Book #2) by Susan Mac Nicol

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Sight and Sinners (Men of London, #2)Sight and Sinners by Susan Mac Nicol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seeing is believing and for, Draven this statement is so true. Draven comes across as an arrogant man. He does what he wants, when he wants and who he wants. He lives only to care for his brother who is in hospital after a horrific car accident. You begin to understand while reading this book why he is so guarded and has built a wall around himself. Draven is such a hunk and has no problem in hooking up but nothing has ever lasted for him. He can not and will not commit. Famous last words because there is always someone out there that will take over your heart.
Taylor who you have possibly met in Love You Senseless has the gift of premonition, an ability that shows him what will happen or has happened depending on the circumstances. He is only really affected when it is someone close to him.
Someone who was once close to Taylor passes away, he is incredibly shocked and hurt as it was his friend Drew who died.
Taylor knows about Draven and doesn't really like him very much, really not many would with his attitude. Draven knows of Taylor from previous investigations and is a BIG none believer of Taylor's ability.
Taylor and Draven have something in common though Drew, and they both want to find out what happen before his death.
Working together to uncover the truth is no easy task when they dislike each other but there is no denying the spark that is between them. They could set a house alight with the electricity that zapps between them. I could feel the excitement bursting through the pages as I was reading.
Just when things were good, Draven pushes Taylor away. Taylor is devastated knowing that Draven is alone and dealing with his brother, Jude. He wants to be there for him.
This was such a touching part in the story. You always hold out hope that the ones you love will come back to you but after years of being in a coma.. Draven needs to make a decision, a heart breaking decision. The tears were flowing down my face while reading such a touching story. Life can really be cruel sometimes. Everyone needs taken care of now and then, and needing someone else to be strong while you grieve. Taylor is the most wonderful man Draven has ever met. Their relationship is loving and electric. Told you there is someone for everyone in this world. This book was sinfully good. Tears and laughter always make for a good read. M/M is not all about porn. I dare you to read it. Love is beautiful no matter what the gender.

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