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Step F*#K by Scarlett Ward


Step F*#K (A Stepbrother Series Book 1)Step F*#K by Scarlett Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OH wow this was such a fun read I haven't laugh this much with a book EVER!

So there are four parts to this story. I will be reviewing each individually. This is PART ONE

In this first part we meet Emma and Jai. Emma from the outside is an insecure girl who is concentrating on getting the good grades and in spite of loving Art she usually pleases everyone doing what they think is best for her, her parents have been separated and her mom is planning on getting married soon, all this has made Emma sceptical about love. She has been burnt in the past and is in no need of a relationship, although her roommate doesn't seem to think so, therefore she takes matters into her own hands and subscribes her to a dating website. After a drunken night the girls discover there is someone interested in meeting her and for the description sounds like a very hot date, how bad can things go?. Cue Jai.
Jai is in California for his father's wedding and is in need of a little adventure so he decides to go on a dating website an have a little fun.

From the moment Emma and Jai met things take a turn, what was supposed to be a one night stand turns into something more serious, one night of passion changes things for both but the morning after brings many unexpected surprises and revelations, and just when Emma thinks she wouldn't have to see Jai ever again a bombshell is dropped and it seems she will will be spending more than what she thought in the company of Jai her soon to be "stepbrother".

OMG this book was so god, it was only the first part but is a short read and you are seriously left on a cliffy. Read on as you wont be disappointed.

5. LOL STARS Isalovesbooks.

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