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Catching Carly by Emma Hart


Catching Carly (Barley Cross, #2)Catching Carly by Emma Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 "tit-sugaring" Stars

Can you love and hate someone at the exact same time? Yes? No? Well, Looks like Carly has proved a very difficult query and the answer is definitively, YES.

In her middle twenties, Carly is a full time, "thought this was a part time gig" bank teller at her local branch and she is anything but easy going. She has a fowl mouth, a hilarious sense of humour and one serious case of "I'm going to get the last word", syndrome. Between her, and her best friend Brooke, I couldn't decide who was more crude or who was funnier? I'll go with a tie. All Carly wants, is a love that's pure and real and a fairy tail ending is not out of the question for her. But so far, Zeke is not proving to be that guy.

Carly's mortal enemy, Zeke is WAY into her. After having one of the hottest one night stands ever, he appears to want to come back for seconds. He is doing everything in his power to lure her away from that crap dating site and subsequent crap dates, and have her go out with him. He is stubborn. She is stubborn, if not more than him and it's leading them both down a road of intense insecurities. Having been burned before himself, Zeke is taking the slow lane in the emotional area of this budding relationship, while still wanting to maintain a speed worthy physical one. Emotions=broken heart and that's not someone Zeke wants in his life right now. Or is it?

The more Carly tries to stay away from Zeke, the more she is drawn to him. His smile, his laugh, the way he works her over in bed with his tongue ;) she cannot seem get enough of him, whilst wanting to simultaneously kick him in the head.

Frenemies to lovers? Hard sell. But Hart pulls at your hart-strings (see how I did that?) and makes it work. This book had me howling with laughter. The particular nursing home scene about made me spit my drink out and I just loved the chemistry between our too main leads. Brooke and Cain, perfectly fitting sub character were witty as well and fit Into the story seamlessly. Had a great time reading this fast paced Gem!

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