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Endurance by Amy Daws


EnduranceEndurance by Amy Daws
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I was the lucky recipient of an Advanced Readers Copy and I cannot feel more happy to have been given the chance to read this book.
I went blind into it as I haven't yet read the other books in the series (something which will be remedied ASAP) and I loved every second of it.

Tanner Harris, what can I tell you about him, in my mind he was a combination of Brock O'Hurn and this dude who I don't know who he is LOL but is absolutely GORGEOUS!

So where was I? Oh yes Tanner, OMG from the very first page that Amy introduces his character we can't help but laugh out loud.
The Harris's are something that can be considered as a "gifted" in sports family, all of his 3 brothers and him play football and all are brilliant at what they do.
As a footballer for Bethnal Green, Tanner has women falling at his feet at every opportunity, however since his twin brother, Camden announced his departure from the team to join a premier league one and has found the love of his life has left him sort of like drifting without a purpose. He is basically sleeping his way around thus creating a bad rep for his game, his image and he seems to be at the end of the line with his Coach, who much to his dismay is also his Dad.
A sticky situation leaves Tanner in his birthday suit and in an attempt to avoid being spotted by the Papz he tries to think of who can come to his rescue, there is only one person who he can call at such embarrassing time and who wont give him grief, however, the person on the other side of the line is not who he was expecting but the one person who he seems to have a love-hate relationship..Belle Ryan.

Belle is smart and beautiful and very talented in her field. Her best friend is Camden's girlfriend Indie. There was a time when the four of them seem to be getting along fine but since Cam and Indie's relationship moved to the next level, Belle and Tanner can't seem to see eye to eye. When she decides to come to his rescue the last thing she was expecting was to find him in such state of undress lol.
Their interaction is pretty much the usual bickering type but Belle sees a new side of Tanner, but her instincts don't let her fall for his usual panty dropping charm. Just when they think the night events seem to have gone unnoticed by the press, the morning after places them at the top of a media circus leaving them both with choices to make in order to salvage their reputation and careers.

From this point onwards the story moves forward at fast speed with a very witty, exceptional and original plot. The chemistry between the leads intensifies as we read along and we can't help but fall in love with them. The use of the "British" lingo was spot on as well as the football terminology.
Amy not only delivers a polished story it also has depth, there were parts of the book which were quite emotional and in my case very real and some scenarios which hit a nerve for me, but this was written in line with the story in a very tasteful manner.

I can sit here and go on and on about why I loved this book. All I can say is lovers of romance and Sport romance in particular will love ENDURANCE.
Lionel Messi said, "You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it". I can say Amy has worked hard and I am sure she has sacrificed many things to accomplish writing and with this type of book I hope she feels she has reached the dream, it was BRILLIANT!


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