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Where We Left Off (Middle of Somewhere Book 3) by Roan Parrish


Where We Left Off (Middle of Somewhere, #3)Where We Left Off by Roan Parrish
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
NARRATED By:  Spencer Goss 

You know that moment when you go see a play or an opera or just any kind of show where by applause you want to tell the actor/singer/musician how amazing his/her performance was? Well I have been on a permanent state of standing ovation since finishing this audio.
I want to scream and shout to Roan and to Spencer BRAVO!!! BRAVO!! and MORE PLEASE!! ENCORE!!

This book was poignant. I thought that after reading, Out of Nowhere and Middle of Somewhere where both leads had so much emotional baggage that Leo and Will's story was going to be a walk in the park. Boy was I wrong. Even though the trials and tribulations that Will and Leo go through aren't as chaotic as those of their predecessors, I probably had my heart in my throat and shed more tears than with the other books.

Leo is such a beautiful character, romantic to the core. We met him in Middle of Somewhere and I immediately fell in love with him. When he and Will first met we get the impression that Will sees him as someone young, naive and inexperienced and although he is indeed all of the aforementioned, Will has a bigger agenda for his cold behaviour towards Leo. Some time has passed and Leo is now in NYC ready to start his studies. The move seems to be done with the purpose of getting a higher education, but we all know he is ultimately there to be with Will. Oh if only things where that simple for our Leo.

Will is a complete closed book. I was desperate to figure him out. My expectations of him where not at all met and Roan had me constantly second guessing his actions.
I have to say, Roan made me hate Will up to 95% of the book, I was as confused as Leo. His mood swings were giving me a bad case of whiplash and many times I wanted to punch him and tell him to get some balls, yes yes, do not worry, I did not such thing because we obviously learn about his past and soon the layers begin to peel away leaving us with such a state of bewilderment and understanding I can only say I was gobsmacked.

Spencer was so amazingly moving, I can hear his voice for hours on end, he played every single voice with meticulous perfection, you get totally lost in the story, the characters and the drama. He takes such precision when doing the transitions and his voice always carries so much emotion you actually can't help but feel every single word spoken. The challenges of acting so many different voices, female and male, my God, what a talent!He did Roan proud and completely convey what she wanted to transmit to the readers.

The curtain has sadly closed and another magnificent book has ended. Until the next one I am again an eager spectator.


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