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Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys


Sweet SpotSweet Spot by Stella Rhys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I knew as soon Lukas and Lia meet that this was going to be a great book. She dripping wet from dashing out of the bath to help her neighbour open the apartment door next to hers and ends up locking herself out. Lukas is not only very good looking he's hilarious. He makes no attempt to look away and doesn't lie about what parts of Lia he 'sees'. I love his personality. As Lia describes him "pecs the size of my face"and "every single muscle on his body is an attention whore". I absolutely love that line.

Lia has been working very hard to get her life back on track and to accomplish her dream of opening a chocolate shop. Her ex boyfriend took advantage of her and she's been celibate and boyfriend free ever since. Her attraction to Lukas has awakened her dormant libido.

Lukas is Tess's brother, who is moving into Tess's apartment while Tess is out of of the country and his apartment is being renovated.

The attraction between these two is instant. Lia fights giving in and is pretty snarky with Lukas. He doesn't give up and sometimes I think he just says and does the things he does to get under her skin.

Lia decides she needs a hook-up to ease her sexual frustration but not with Lukas. She thinks he's a player and wants no part of that and he's just as determined to be the one that takes care of all her needs. When these two finally give it it was beyond hot. I was fanning myself.

Through Lia Lukas is able to get through a time period that in the past has been extremely rough for him.

Her friend, Sara and his friends, Emmett and Julian really add to this story. I really hope we read more about them in the future.

This book had the build up of attraction, humor, sizzling hot sex and chocolate. You can't get any better than that.

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