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Toys for Boys: Brit Boys by K.D. Grace

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney 

Toys for Boys: Brit BoysToys for Boys: Brit Boys by K.D. Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You definitely have to have an imagination to be a writer. Loving, dirty, mischievous it all helps create a fabulous picture for readers to enjoy. This next short story is all of the above and then some.

I think I'm having a better understanding of BDSM. This short story, I would say is not a dominate and submissive read, it's a couple who enjoy that added kink.

Caradoc Doc Jones aka Doc is an outdoorsman. Walking coast to coast is something he's about to do but now unfortunately not on his own. Will Charles better known as Will effing Charles as Doc would say, we'll just call him Will.

Will is the Alpha of all nerds or so Doc thinks he is. He has a new toy that needs testing out and is going with Doc to record their journey. This shiny new computer tech can take pictures, which it most certainly does, it can record which most definitely does. It can also help navigate, GPS etc.

The pictures that are taken can be described as picturesque, well for the scenery the rest are one hundred percent kinky. Body parts being photographed, things happening to body parts. Who knew the uptight Doc had it on him. I do believe Will is having the time of his life, no matter how wet things become. Pun intended.

This story is told by a writer. I know your thinking well of course it is. No, what I mean is the story starts off with a writer looking for a story then these two guys come from nowhere and share their story then the writer becomes the voyeur. Make sense? Well of course it does, anyway lucky writer, first she gets a totally hot story then gets to watch while two hot males make love the kinky way.

Writers do need to research for the stories they write, what better way than first hand. Seeing actual events played out before your very eyes instead of your imagination running wild and ripping clothes off to get to the goods underneath. LOL!! Listen that's KD excuse and it's very plausible.

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