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The Hot One by Lauren Blakely


The Hot OneThe Hot One by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hot One, by Lauren Blakely.

Tyler and Delaney's story is filled with second chances and forgiveness. A quick, fast-paced book with cute innuendoes, weird foot fetishes and honest to goodness girlfriends that all women deserve and need.

As a long standing Blakely fan and a lover of most of her books, I can honestly say that even though I enjoyed The Hot One, it's not my favourite. It hurst for me to give this a four star but sometimes you just don't gel with the story. I love a good second chance romance, but this was predictable and rushed. I really liked Tyler but felt he got off the hook to quickly for his faux pas years earlier. Over the past ten years Delaney really came into her own person. Finally perusing what she wanted to do-make people feel better. Being a masseuse and business owner finally allowed her to live her life more at her speed. The lawyer life she always envisioned for herself didn't quite feel right for her. It did work out for Tyler though, and he's made quite the successful career out of it!

Sometimes things happen for a reason. In the case of Delaney and Tyler, I fee like their time apart was needed. As much as they were in love back in college, it wasn't their time to be together. Fast forward ten years, they've both grown and matured and it allowed for the second chance they both longed for.

Aside from the story moving too quickly, I did still enjoy the book. Delaney's strength was admirable and Tyler's tenacity got him his girl back. Second chances for the win!

Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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