Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sex by Jillian Dodd


Sex (The Keatyn Chronicles #11)Sex by Jillian Dodd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a Keatyn Chronicles fan. Have read them all and all of the shoot offs of this series. I love Keatyn and Aiden and all there crazy friends and the crazy stuff they get themselves into. I am a fan of the changing POVs in this series and there are so many active characters it would almost be impossible to keep straight if Jillian hadn't written it that way.

Sex pretty much covers the spectrum of situations. Weddings, babies, baby mama drama, exes stirring up trouble, insta love, second chance romance....

Riley the confirmed bachelor since Ariela left him in high school has quite the drama in his life in Sex. I kept thinking that a certain thing was going to resolve itself and it didn't. I am hopeful that it will in Love. Riley frustrated me a bit in this one as I want him to do something he didn't do.

It was fun to spend time with all the gang and see new relationships develop and read about what they have been up to since I last got to visit with them.

Jillian has such a realistic way (I know, I know these characters are a bunch of rich kids who make it rich) of presenting her stories that I can not get enough. I have been a fan since the first book. Each character has their own situations they have had to deal with to reach the point they are at now. The early books obviously focus mainly on Keatyn but many of the characters have moved to the forefront as the series progressed.

Thanks for another great read Jillian! Could you shake Riley a bit for me?

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