Thursday, 23 March 2017

Extra Credit by Poppy Dunne

REVIEWED by Monique Cashmere 

Extra CreditExtra Credit by Poppy Dunne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just love it when I find an author that knows how to write a good rom-com, and Poppy Dunne is one of them. There is everything you need, humor and wit - some banter - hot steamy scenes - a touch of angst - and realistic characters.

Firstly we have the adorable Ronald McDonald look alike, Chelle (well maybe if she stuck with the family business, she may have been). Her parents are clowns, like real life circus clowns, and she made a pact if she couldn't score a full time position teaching by the time she was 29, she would move back in with them. She may not be onboard fully with the school she is working for, but she loves her job and the kids with a passion. Exit stage right is Will, he is helping her create the plays scenery for the kids annual show. He is a single dad that would do anything for his daughter, even though his job is very time consuming. It might help that a certain redhead teacher is the one he is helping. But Chelle feels a sense of deja vu and could have ruined not only her job, but her relationship.

I am still floored to know that this is Poppy Dunne's second novel. She is doing an excellent job and I feel everyone that is a lover of rom com's, should give her books a go. I can't wait to see what is next from her.

*I received a copy for an honest review.
**Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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