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Possession by Jaimie Roberts

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney 

PossessionPossession by Jaimie Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

P O S S E S S I O N 5 stars

Five stars but yet I would never read again.

You know the warning signs the ones like on this book description, ‘read with caution’. I should have taken note. I should have carried on loving the cover and not turned a page. Let me explain myself before you think, what the hell?.

I am not into dark reads, they kill me. So if you are like me and don’t read the dark genre or if you’re even thinking of going dark. DO NOT DO IT!! Take note of the warning. Jaimie Roberts has said this for a reason.

I love Jaimie’s books, her talent to express the story to it’s full potential is what has me in a state right now. Honest reviews are hard to come by these days. Let me tell you I haven’t read all of Jaimie’s books, but the ones I have read I have most definitely loved. Scars being one of them. I actually asked advice from another reader if this book was okay to read. Clearly the reader loves dark books.

How dark is this book? VERY! I’m not going to beat about the bush here. I won’t go into detail but it’s about child trafficking, child abuse mental and physical. RAPE! TORTURE! The rape scenes tipped me over the edge. She was no longer a child but it made absolutely no difference. Evelyn’s character dealt with so much and I felt everything she did. I mean clearly this is because of the sheer talent of the writer. If she intended me to feel pain, I felt it. If she wanted me to cry, I cried buckets. I felt every emotion with Evelyn. I still can’t get my head around what I have read.

Selling children as sex slaves, torturing them into submission. OH MY GOD! I feel sick.
Drake is a monster no doubt about it. In my eyes he can not and did not redeem himself. Oh! In the beginning he was most definitely Mr. Hot Pants in his suits and the way he protected Evelyn took my breath away. My heart was beating so rapidly I thought I was going to faint. Then along comes Drake to save Evelyn. The sigh that left my lips was extremely loud and long. The sickly feeling in my stomach eased, but it never disappeared.

There was some parts in this book that I had to skip. No lie I was traumatised.

If you are into dark reads especially the ones with warnings then this is most definitely the book for you. If you can’t do dark because it upsets you to much. Don’t read this book.

After everything I have said I have to rate this book five stars. Why? Well, it’s simple. If a book can do this to me. Make me cry, feel sick, worry, not wanting to continue reading but needed to make sure Evelyn was okay then by God this writer deserves those five stars.

I dare you to read it. You will definitely become possessed.

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