Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Hot One by Lauren Blakely

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere 

The Hot OneThe Hot One by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am loving this series of standalones by Lauren Blakely. This book, even thought it is not as much as a rom-com as the others, is full of romance which is my treat. Tyler Nichols is an entertainment lawyer in Manhattan. Life is great, he loves his job and equally loves spending time with his niece, Carly. It was on one of their visits to Central Park that Tyler spots his college sweet heart out jogging with her girlfriends. Delaney Stewart has life going extremely well, until she spots Tyler in the park with a little girl......his?

Tyler and Delaney had a past in college that had a bright future together but Tyler followed his head instead of his heart and they parted ways before heading off to Law School. People do change in life, they learn from their mistakes, but the fundamentals are still the same. Tyler needs to slow down and not cut corners to win back the love and trust of this special woman.

What can I say to convince you that this is another outstanding book from this author, just that! It's written by Lauren Blakely, and if you have read the others, you will know it is going to be a winner. If this is your first book by her, then hang on to your are in for one romantic and sexy ride. I can tell you, getting my mail with never be the same, and no one has EVER apologised to me in the why Tyler does first up to Delaney, I wish! This tale of a second chance romance is going to make you swoon completely.

*I received a copy for an honest review.
**Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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