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180 Seconds by Jessica Park

REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard 

180 Seconds180 Seconds by Jessica Park
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 table-throwing stars

This book has blown me away from a slowish, ground-building start, to being all encompassing at 20%, to the intermittent crying from 75% onwards. It truly deserves the 5 stars because whilst it might only make you feel a little good, most importantly it made me feel......everything.

The concept for this story and the title smashed through my preconception from the blurb, into something that epitomised a truly great connection. A connection can be momentary, it's not always long-lasting or something that comes later down the line, it can manifest straight away. Therefore, this wasn't a case of insta-love, it was about depth, friendship, healing, hurting and connecting.

The heroine of this piece, Allison is a little damaged and a lot insular but she crashes into Esban and her first description of him totally drew me in.

"His forearms are tan, toned, with leather cords and thin rope bracelets around each wrist. Like superhero cuffs or something. He probably thinks he can deflect bullets."

I initially thought Esban a little too perfect but I found him to be more reachable as the story progressed. The chemistry between Esban and Allison goes from kindling to fiery in a way I could invest in. Even with these two strong MCs, the side characters of Simon and Steffi made this book move from good to wonderful. Whilst I suspected where the story was going, the execution was so emotional and fantastically written, that I'm still reeling.

Jessica Park excels at a few things and some I know her for already, that is, great writing and characters that are unique and a little quirky. However, Allison is my favourite character she's written yet. I am more of a fan than I was previously and this book will sit on my favourites shelf for this year and in general.


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