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JOY Ride by Lauren Blakely


Joy RideJoy Ride by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a long standing Blakey fan and a lover of all of her amazing male leads, I have to admit, and I apologize to all the other hotties in this group, but I have to say Max is by far my favourite of the Lauren Blakely boys. JOY RIDE was all I wanted it to be-and more.

At some points during my read, I would have to remind myself to breathe. I was so utterly consumed with what I was reading, with the compelling chemistry between Henley and Max, that I would start going blue! I was so drawn in by the fantastic character pairing I was losing air! The S. E. X. Was. Soooooo HOTT. I'd argue it was Blakely's best writing by far. It's as if she took every review ever written about all of her books, and gave us all what we wanted and she did such an amazing job at delivering it.

Max, a master in his field-custom car making, and Henley his apprentice from years ago are going head to head in a car making mash up. She's become as amazing as he thought she would be all those years ago. And not only is he proud of her, he can't stand her, is attracted to her and wants to sleep with her. A bad combination if you ask me. What he doesn't know is, if the feeling is mutual. Old feelings flare up and the professionalism Max is known for is at a stand still when he can't get a certain brunette car detailer out of his mind. Henley is a force to be reckoned with, within the car business and being a woman is not always easy, but she's making a name for herself. Having had the best mentor in Max years ago has moulded her into the mechanic she is today.

I'm hugely impressed with this little slice of awesome. I smiled, swooned, laughed and pretty much blushed for the whole book. Both characters did a lot of growing through the read and the revelations regarding their roles in the car industry was so well thought out and well detailed.

The best part? This books primary focus was Max and Henley. Yes, we did see some of the old gang (which I always love) but I loved that JOY RIDE was primarily focused on these two Vibrant characters-and that kept me wanting more and more.

Another hit for Blakely-quite possible her best yet! Max met his match. The one he subconsciously knew it was all along.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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