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The Bridal Squad by Samantha Chase

REVIEWED by Tina Shobe 

The Bridal Squad (The Enchanted Bridal Series Book 2)The Bridal Squad by Samantha Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Bridal Squad follows along the ups and downs as well as the stress of planning a wedding.

Julianne is marrying Gavin. Her bridesmaids are her friends Natalie and Kayla and her maid of honor is her sister, Harper.

I started out first not careing much for Natalie as she came across as a 'know-it-all'. Almost like she was reliving her wedding through Julianne's. By the end of the book I got to know her better and realized she's really struggling in her own life and trying to find herself.

I really felt for Harper, I wanted to take her mom down myself. She was just downright hateful to her. Kudos to her for hanging tough so her sister's wedding preparations are less stressful for her. Though sometimes I get the impression that Julianne thought Harper as second best. I really didn't care for that aspect of Julianne.

Kayla is struggling with her career and having to chose the right path for her future.

Poor Julianne. She's trying to make everyone happy while planning her special day. The struggles were real. As a couple of our kids got married within the last couple years I could really relate.

The only thing I wish was a little different in this book...was that someone should of confronted Harper's mom a lot earlier on her treatment of Harper. (though if that would of happened it would of changed the layout of the story. I just really disliked how she was treated) If I was Harper I don't think I'd even be talking to her. But I must say life for Harper is shining much brighter with Brady now in it.

I really liked how this book was written. We are getting four stories in one book. Natalie, Kayla and Harper each are dealing with issues of their own and through them this group of four young ladies become stronger individuals and become deeper friends.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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