Thursday, 11 May 2017

Down In Flames by Samantha Conley


Down in Flames (Silver Tongued Devils, #1)Down in Flames by Samantha Conley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Girl meets boy, boy falls madly in love with girl, boy makes a terrible mistake, girl leaves boy, girl falls madly in love with best friend. OOPS

Yes this is basically the scenario for this rocking story. When Kristen met Brett, she thought she had found her HEA. After a chance encounter their relationship blossoms. Life goes on and both are excelling in their professions. Derek is Brett's band mate and best friend and through the years has seen the couple achieve the kind of love he wish one day to have, he can't let his guard down and allow the feelings he has always had for Kristen to be on display, he loves both her and his friend and is happy for them. However one wrong move on Brett's part shatters every dream and sense of trust between him and Kristen, she is completely devastated for breaking her heart. At first Derek is there for both of them offering support, but slowly he starts spending more time with Kristen, one thing leads to another and soon both can't help the strong connection. Derek and Kristen not only have to fight to find their happy place without hurting people in the process, someone has taken an unhealthy interest for Kristen and things spiral fast.

I felt this was a good story. Although predictable at times, the Author provided a few twist to keep the story in suspense. There were plenty of steamy moments and also some tender ones. In overall a pleasant and entertaining read. Would like to read more from the other members of the band, particularly to see what happens to Brett, i did feel he paid a heavy price for his mistake.

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