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Cheater's Regret by Rachel Van Dyken

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar 

Cheater's Regret (Curious Liaisons, #2)Cheater's Regret by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cheaters Regret by Rachel Van Dyken

This is book two in Van Dyken's Curious Liaisons series and is about a couple we met previously: Austin and Thatch. Austin catches Thatch with his tongue down another woman's throat and then *he* has the nerve to break up with *her*. I don't think so. Once her pity party is over, she comes up with a plan that had me in fits of laughter as she administered her sweet revenge. As Thatch is a highly successful plastic surgeon - and thanks to his charming good looks, is the face of the hospital - Austin shadows him for her final assignment and hopes to get answers from him... and that's where it all begins. Again ;).

I'll be brutally honest here; I really wanted to give Austin a roundhouse kick just to wake her up! She wish she hadn't just accepted whatever it was that Thatch kept dishing out. She deserved so much better than what he was putting her through. While I loved Thatch and thought his intentions were somewhat noble (though his execution was sadly lacking) I wish he'd also just come clean dammit and 'get the girl'.

Overall, this book had me in tears: first it was from laughing, and then it was from heartache for these two. I enjoyed both books in this series although they can be read as standalones. As I said in my review for Cheater, just go in and read the book for what it is and don't look too much into it.

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