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To Touch You by Cardeno C.

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

To Touch You (Mates, #4)To Touch You by Cardeno C.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

M/M, paranormal and shifters it’s my favourite of all reads by one of my favourite writers, Cardeno C. I absolutely love the Mates Collection. It’s pure fantasy about vampires and shifters, but I believe it all. That’s what gets me going, it’s the thrill of losing myself in a book. Cardeno is a pure genius when it comes to delivering a storyline.

Yoram Smith found his true mate from a young age. He knew there was something special about the man who came to visit his home town. Not everyone was happy about the idea of a grown man being a young boy’s true mate, not even the man in question himself. Salvatore Rossi made me so mad while I was reading, he was completely selfish, oblivious to anyone else's needs. He knew there was something special about the people in Kfarkattan. When he needed help he decided they could help him. If it hadn’t of been for Yoram I don’t think anyone would have helped this man out. He certainly didn’t come across as the type of person they would want in their family.

Yoram has been so lost and alone while growing up. There has always been a part of him that has been missing. He has put all his efforts into helping the pack, being there for his family and friends. Yoram has had to deal with so much suffering over the years but has never complained. Luckily for him he has a real good family because they aren’t about to let him suffer any longer.

Salvatore is left with little option but to face up to what he should have done many years ago. Many questions he wasn’t really bothered about the answers, now are a necessity. Yoram holds the key to those answers.

When these two eventually get together the air is thick with lust, it was so sensual and erotic I felt like I was literally there. It makes for one hot read. I know you’re probably thinking once you’ve read one sex scene you’ve read them all. With true mates that’s simply not true. Nothing beats two strong alpha males, one being a vampire and the other a shifter going at it like there life depended on it.

If you love paranormal M/M then this book is a must read. I would definitely recommend to you. I have loved taking this journey with Yorry and Sal and I am hoping for many more books in the Mates collection in the future.

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