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Going in Deep by Carly Phillips


Going in Deep (Billionaire Bad Boys, #4)Going in Deep by Carly Phillips
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going in Deep is the 4th book in the Billionaire Bad Boys Series. It can easily be a stand alone. In fact I read this one first and loved the characters so much that I'm going back and reading the rest of the series. I also think that if you do read them in order it will give you better dynamics of the characters.

Julian Dane's life spiraled out of control after he became addicted to drugs. During that time period he used Kendall Parker to get to her brother-in-law, Kade, who is married to her twin, sister Lexie.

Unknown to Julian, Kendall is bipolar and was in a manic state during the time period they were together. The end of their relationship caused Kendall to go reeling. She ended up hospitalized and getting her medication straightened out.

Now Julian is working a 12 step program and one of the steps is to make amends. He tracks down Kendall and after several attempts she finally agrees to hear him out.

Both Julian and Kendall have come a long way regaining their lives back. They also realize that they have a connection that they want to explore to see if it can become something deeper.

Julian past comes back to haunt him. He has to be able to remain strong and not be pulled back in.

Having been previously married to an alcoholic and drug addict I could relate to the 12 steps Julian is working and also to those that he hurt while in claws of his addiction. Facing those that he hurt and making amends is tough and regaining that trust is even tougher. I feel Carly did a great job with the addiction, bipolar real life issues.

Also being a twin I could really feel how Lexie was struggling with letting go to let Kendall make her own life choices, especially after watching/living through Kendall's last maniac episode.

Carly has such a great way of writing that pulls the reader into the story.

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