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The Fool by P.J. Belden


The FoolThe Fool by P.J. Belden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

THE FOOL totally got me out of my book funk-so, thank you P.J Belden!

A first for me from this author, I admit I was intrigued by the blurb. But, I'm compelled to tell you all I have mixed feelings about his book. On one hand, I loved it. The characters were very well developed and really relatable. On the other hand, I feel like I was reading two different stories with the two different male protagonists. But collectively, I feel like they were also weirdly interwoven. So...

Love interest number one: Legend.
What really got me was the passion between Legend and Waverly. Even though he wasn't verbally present through half the book, his presence was very raw and emotional. Always in the background-dominating the books' vibe. Waverly is completely destroyed finding the love of her life gone one morning-with no reasoning, with no letter, no...nothing. Hiding from life, grieving the loss of two loves, has completely turned her into a introverted hermit who'd rather wither drinking away, than live.

Enter male lead number two: Alexander.
He too, is grieving a loss, and the mutual pain Waverly and he feel is a comfort to both. They bond over loss and force a "relationship" to aide in mutual healing and hope it can erase feelings they'd rather banish than deal with. What I did like about the relationship between Waverly and Xander was the honesty they had with each other, it felt honest and genuine.

Two different relationships with two different men, at two different times, for two totally different reasons, yet connected together somehow is a lot for one short story-but it was handled well for the most part. A three person perspective can be tricky!

Some continuity issues and jumpy scenes were present-which hindered some of the flow for me, but all in all I enjoyed. I devoured this quick read and would likely read more from Belden in the future.

ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review.

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