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Accidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd

Micky Barnard 

Accidental TrystAccidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

ACCIDENTAL TRYST is the kind of book you just ‘live in’, in the moment and I did it often with a smile on my face. I was amused, I laughed, I felt the steam rising and I pretty much loved the characters. Emmy and Trystan are memorable for their hate, their banter and their chemistry.

This book has the characters geographically apart for quite a section of the book, as they’ve accidentally picked up one another’s phones. Considering this, these two had the kind of chemistry that illuminated the room....with crackles. Trystan (the ‘Suit Monkey’) starts with a hint of jerk but he is about to face something difficult, in actual fact, Trystan is a man evolving and he’s so damn funny.

“He was a kind, beautiful man, with a tendency toward periodic assholery.

Initially, I thought Emmy was an air-head, probably because Trystan convinced me of this but she’s not. She’s such a compassionate character and I loved the story revolving around David. I think and believe that Emmy’s compassion rubbed off on Trystan. In fact, the influence they had on one another’s lives from afar was good reading. When these two met...boom!

ACCIDENTAL TRYST has a thread of families throughout. The Dubois and the Montgomerys were unconventional and complicated and I loved the saga feel to these families. I’m delighted there will be more from connected characters.

Natasha Boyd’s writing made me slip into the story with ease. She had just the right amount of fun-to-serious measure, alongside buckets of chemistry. The dialogue was sublime and so damn funny. The story never waned, keeping me engaged from cover to cover.

“Can we be scared together?”

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

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