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Sanctuary Found by Sloane Kennedy


Isa Jones

Sanctuary Found (Pelican Bay, #2)Sanctuary Found by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one book I was just not ready to finish as I enjoyed each chapter so much was completely transfixed by the characters and transported to their world.

Even though the books in this series are standalone, I would thoroughly recommend to read in order to best enjoy the experience. Sanctuary Found takes off pretty much from where we ended with Locked in Silence, and since having read book one I was desperate to meet the new leads.

Maddox is finally home and with his return old wounds between him and his brother Dallas are once again re-opened. He knows he has a long way to make up for the pain he has caused, but he is prepared to do anything in order to make things right. He wasn't however, prepared for the arrival of Isaac and his little brother Newt. This unexpected turn of events completely throws Maddox off kilter and his perfectly constructed plan goes out of the window.

Isaac never planned of spending more than 5 minutes in Pelican Bay. His only purpose was to delivered something he inadvertently stolen. On the run and with the big responsibility of taking care of Newt, he can't allow himself to get comfortable and risk putting his and Newt's life in peril. The weather had other plans, leaving him little choice but to accept the help from Dallas and Nolan. If only the tall and handsome beast of a man who keeps eyeing him as if he juts came out of a spaceship could be as welcoming and accommodating as his brother.

What I loved about Isaac and Maddox was that they both had preconceived notions about each other. The first thing they saw was the practiced facade they have put as a front to face the world but as they spent time in each other company they begin to see so much more. Isaac is beautiful inside and out and once Maddox realises the extend of his beauty is damn impossible to stay away making him question his sexuality and what it all means. Maddox is strong but Isaac is the only one who has seen how vulnerable he actually is. He can offer Issac the refuge and protection he seeks.

They are missed matched but together they are magnificent, they make magic through the pages and their connection can ignite flames. With many obstacles thrown their way Maddox and Isaac had to fight all the odds to defend the Sanctuary they have searched for so long.

Another exceptionally soul-baring story.

5 STARS. Isa for Joandisalovebooks

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