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Fight For You (Broken Souls Book 1) by Charisse Spiers


Fight for You (Broken Souls, #1)Fight for You by Charisse Spiers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a total book junkie and I just got the biggest high of my life. I'm afraid I will never recover from this.

I haven't read that many fighter books for the sole reason that a long time ago I had read another brilliant book which left me satisfied in the fighter romance genre.
I came upon this book as it came to our blog requesting for us to post a little promo. It wasn't the cover, or the fact that it was KU free that first got my attention. It was the blurb.

You see, some authors get too consumed in getting the perfect cover but their synopsis are missing that pull that draws the reader in. I never read reviews prior to reading a book. I want to make my own judgment. So the blurb was perfect it had me from the first line and without a second hesitation I One-clicked.

How can I describe to you Haddox Hayes.......the only way I can put it bluntly is, BROKEN. I'm not talking about only physically but also mentally and emotionally. He gives the word complicated a total different meaning.
After a disturbing and gripping opening scene, the story begins with Haddox now a well known and established name amongst the MMA circuit. Regardless of being famous, he leads a solitary life. He has no attachments and most encounters are meaningless and only used to satisfy his need for release. He does what he wants when he wants it,and he goes for it. Nobody tells him what to do. He listens to no one and he never breaks his rules. That plan usually worked until the night he meets Piper.

Piper is beautiful, she's been brought up what can I say, I wouldn't call it as a spoiled brat, but she never lack for anything, at least economically. She had everything at her disposal until the day she said she wanted to become a Fashion Designer, her Dad then left her with no choice but to look for a roommate in order to become more independent. How funny how things happen for a reason. Because if she wouldn't have made that move she wouldn't never come face to face with Haddox.

He has sworn not to touch her, he made a promise not to pursue her and let her be another notch on his bedpost. But as soon as he sees her, Haddox knows he wants her, and as I told you before, he always goes for what he wants. What he wasn't expecting was to be totally ignored and rejected, which only fuels more his need to possess her.
But you see Piper has been hanged up in a one side relationship, so the last she wants is another person to come into her life and just take another piece of her heart. Haddox on the other side has accepted this challenge and keeps showing up at every turn. One night is all it takes for Piper to see Haddox as an opportunity to move forward from the bad place she is and learn to be whole again. But when two broken people find each other the things that bind them is a glue so powerful it will either make them or break them.

For Haddox is a completely unknown territory. Everything he is experiencing is a first. He thinks he is not worthy of love, nor that he is he able to give it. But when you haven't been loved all your life, how do you recognise the emotion as such. The two leads embark on a quest, it's not an easy journey, Haddox has so many skeletons in his closet and is carrying so much baggage he needs to learn to let go of his past before he attempts to FIGHT for his future.

I absolutely loved this story, it evoked so many emotions that it left me exhausted, but in the best possible of ways.
The story is raw, graphic and its very well delivered.
The characters are perfectly crafted and the plot was original.
There are plenty of steamy moments but these are not done in a way that seem repetitive or without fundamental reason. I'm left with a sense of loss only because it was such an emotional read I feel I have taken this journey with the Author and I didn't want to reach the conclusion.

5 ADDICTIVE STARS. Isalovesbooks

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