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Sojourn by Cecilia London


Sojourn (The Bellator Saga, #3)Sojourn by Cecilia London
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I could give it 10 stars I would. I am blown away, yet again, by Cecilia London and her political thriller, romance and personal journey that is the Bellator Saga.

This is the third installment in Cecilia London's Bellator Saga, Sojourn. I am amazed at her writing skills and how I feel like I am living in a movie while I read. The maturity level of her writing is so impressive, especially in light of the fact that these are her first novels. Dissident was her debut novel and was spectacular.

Sojourn picks up right where Conscience left us, which I can't tell you where that is or I will spoil the plot. You have to read Dissident and Conscience and catch up with me so we can chat about it. There are some flashbacks in Sojourn that would help you understand the time line if you wanted to read it without reading the first two but I would suggest reading them first, though it is not absolutely necessary.

I will tell you Caroline is still on her painful journey and is struggling with the things that have happened to her and her horrible losses. She has made some new acquaintances who are doing their best to help her but her own mind is driving this train and isn't going to let her off anytime soon. Gabe, Jones and Crunch are all great guys, each in their own way. Their humor and banter are great break from the stress of Caroline's agony.

The level of conscience and subconscious exploration into Caroline's tortured psyche is so very real. Her fears, her nightmares and her memories are so difficult to experience. I seriously feel like I know Caroline and I want to reach into my Kindle and give her a hug and a shoulder up.

Lordy, the scenes with Caroline and Jack are so dang steamy and filled with so much love, I don't know how she wrote it without blushing, but I know how I read it...well that's kind of personal so never mind.

"Your are my everything, Caroline. My world, my life, the reason I exist. We're going to get through this. I promise."

The political cluster happening in the Bellator Saga I could easily see our government falling into...if it hasn't started already. I don't know how Cecilia came up with the premise but dang if it isn't a little creepy to think about it happening for real.

I love this series and wait with tenterhooks for the release of Phoenix.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

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