Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Invisible Warrior by Teresa Gabelman

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Invisible Warrior (The Protectors,  #11)Invisible Warrior by Teresa Gabelman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just when you think this series can not possibly get any better, it’s just takes your breath away completely.
I have never laughed some much while reading a book, yet still found the story to be intense and gripping at the same time.
Obviously I am going to say that this book is a must read for all paranormal lovers, but more than that. I think readers that have never picked up a vampire book should start reading this series. It will take you quite by surprise. It’s fun, loving, sexy and oh! Boy the warriors in this series will melt your heart as well as your knickers.

Steve has always kind of been invisible to everyone even before his power come to fusion. Yes, he has kept many a spirits up with his one liners. He has the wickedest sense of humour. Sometimes even unknown to him. But he has always buried a lot of his feelings, biting back what he really wanted to say or do. But by God does that change when Mira comes into his life.

Mira and Kira are witches that need the warriors to protect them whether they think it or not. It’s never a dull life around the compound so why should their futures be any different. Bossman, Sloane has always has his work cut out for him trying to keep his warriors in check.
Steve is proving to be more than just a boy. Sid and Jared will forever been the jokesters of this group. Damon and Duncan are still very intense guys, Slade is everyone’s Mr Hottie. There are so many wonderfully hot warriors they will keep you busy for a while.

Steven and Ronan seem to be pretty close and I am looking forward to reading Ronan’s story. He’s not someone to be messed with. What am I saying?! None of the VC Warriors are to be messed with. They are a family and family look after each other to the death.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey thus far with, The Protectors. I look forward to reading so many more books from this series.

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  1. Have to say this is now a favourite book of mine, so Damn Funny, and yeah, those Awesome one liners had me cracking up!
    Teresa sure knows how to keep us Readers entertained, with lots of Alpha Males that we all wanna claim and absolute great storylines. Best Paranormal series I’ve read and I just want to keep reading these Amazing books.


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