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Beyond Her Words by Bink Cummings


Beyond Her WordsBeyond Her Words by Bink Cummings
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a Bink Cummings fan. Love the MC Chronicles. Love Bink's wit but mostly love her ability to see into the soul of people and put it on paper for us.

When she spoke about Beyond Her Words, she said she was doing something different. Obviously, as a reader, you are concerned that it won't be as good. I can assure you there should be no such concern. Beyond Her Words is brilliant! Loved every page, every emotion and lordy did I love Lachlan.

Magdalene has had a rough go of it since a young age and has been wondering aimlessly for 10 years. A bad storm and some worse luck puts her in a vulnerable situation. Magdalene is the mirror of so many woman. Strong in some aspects but very insecure in others. She isn't 20, she isn't skinny, she has huge tits and a crooked smile. She has survived some devastating events making her beautifully strong even if she doesn't know it.

Lachlan is physically handsome, if that is even a strong enough word. He has some emotional issues that he hides deep. I love him hard. He is grumpy and growly and oh so sexy. Did I mention he has a Scottish accent and wears a kilt? No, well he does. Lachlan is a loving and caring father on top of all that hotness. Who wouldn't fall for all that, right!?

I will be doing a reread soon as I love both these characters. The supporting characters were wonderful and I loved them all...well, except one.

You hit a home run again Bink and thank you for sharing Mags and Lachlan with us.

I received a copy for an honest review.

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