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Billionaire Unbound by J.S. Scott

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney 

Billionaire Unbound ~ Chloe (The Billionaire's Obsession, #8)Billionaire Unbound ~ Chloe by J.S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you are fan of the Billionaire's by Author J S Scott you will know that her alpha males are extremely hot, passionate and caring with a touch of possessiveness to claim the women in their lives as 'MINE'.

This is Chloe's story and I honestly didn't know what to expect. What I got has blew me away. Such a touching story. This book had me gripped, I was choking on the lump foaming in my throat a few times. I have always been able to connect with this Author's books. Such a talented writer who develops the stories so well, you literally follow a journey the characters take and it's almost as if they become part of you. You feel the emotions as they do, excitement, sadness they all play a part.

Sweet Chloe has not had an easy life. I mean considering she has millions, you'd think anything was possible for her but that's not the case. Money isn't everything. In Chloe's case I think she'd give every last penny away just to have happiness in her life.

Chloe has a fiance, James and by God I hate this man. I know hate is a strong term but I mean it with every bone in my body. He's despicable, there is not one person on this earth who will disagree with me after reading this book.

Chloe has a wonderful family around her but she's hidden the truth for so long, she can't bring herself to tell them or want them involved. To say her brothers will not be happy if they ever find out what's been happening in Chloe's life is an understatement.

Gabe who is the best friend of Blake one of Chloe's brothers comes to Chloe's rescue. He has always had a thing for Chloe and wishes she would leave James. It seems a few people close to Chloe realise that he is not the man for her. God if only they knew the half of it.

Gabe offers Chloe a job on his ranch, it's always been her dream to work with horses. She's been through years of college, essentially putting everything on hold in her life to study hard. Gabe finds it hard to believe that Chloe is tolerating being treated in such a disgusting manner. Jesus wait till he finds out the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He will be like an atomic bomb waiting to explode its fury.

Chloe's best friend disappears off the face of the earth, some are presuming she's dead it's been so long but others are holding onto hope. Nothing makes sense as to why she has just vanished. The whole Colter family, especially Zane are determined to find her.

This is a brilliant book, the story is gripping. The scenes have been dealt with sensitivity. I just don't know where Author J S Scott is going to take me next but, I can tell you I'm extremely looking forward to her next book.

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