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Deliver Me by Faith Gibson


Deliver MeDeliver Me by Faith Gibson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh how I love to discover new Authors and how I love to fall in love with their stories.

Taggart/Lee had it all. The fame, the fortune, the sex, drugs and rock and roll. However after a family tragedy he is brought back to the real world and suddenly he is not so happy. Having been entrusted with a precious gift, he soon realises he is totally out of his depth. Alas one day he runs Into a charming Samaritan and the story takes flight.
Mr "Samaritan" who is actually a Doctor, or Erik, in the eyes of Taggart is a God. Such a beautiful man with a beautiful heart. Fate keeps throwing them together and soon sparks are flying. But, Erik has been hurt by someone who he had given his heart to, so is not easily persuaded into jumping someone's bones regardless of how that someone gets his heart beating and his blood pumping in every single part of his body.

Taggart is used to be chased, by screaming fans from any age and gender, so he finds it fascinating and refreshing to be turned down, at first he sees this as a challenge and sets out to pursue the good "Doc", but when he needs to get back on the road and get back on his last tour, Erik surprises him by coming to his aide with what he holds most precious.

As the two begin to be closer and spend more time together allowing them to get a glimpse of what a future could be with one another, makes each want and crave what they never thought they could have. But where will the fun be if it was all fun and games and there were no hurdles to overcome?
So Ms. Gibson gave the story a great twist urging me to keep reading to get to the next part. There were certainly lots of unexpected events and this thoroughly peaked my interest to reach the conclusion.

The story had great fluidity and it was well written. The characters were perfectly described and they had great chemistry. Lots of steamy scenes to get your pulse raised and a beautiful and heartwarming story line. A fantastic and original Rockstar M/M read.

5 ROCKING Stars!! Isalovesbooks

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