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Kissing My Killer by Helena Newbury


Kissing My KillerKissing My Killer by Helena Newbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Who needs Fleming when you have Newbury!"

I'm speechless. I've just finished this story and I'm still asking myself, did I just read that?

Kissing my Killer is a standalone story but her fourth in her Kissing books which I can't wait to read now!

From the very first line you are totally captivated and utterly hooked.

"I met her on my way to kill someone".

You see what I mean? Just there, she's got you and what follows is a story so clever, so well structured and brilliantly written.
In Kissing my Killer we meet Alexei and Gabriella, two completely different characters who couldn't come from more completely different worlds and lifestyles. However destiny has set the wheels in motion for them to be thrown into the mix, you know they saying six degrees of separation? Well suddenly their worlds are not that far apart.
Both Alexei and Gabriella are damaged, they each have their own demons, but where Alexei has been fighting his, Gabriella has locked herself as far away from hers, literally. When life puts them face to face with one another the pull is so strong is like they have found the missing piece in their puzzles. But Alexei's world is a dangerous one and Gabriella never imagined herself being in the middle of it all.

Alexei only knows one way of living, as part of the Russian Bratva, a powerful Mafia organisation, he has killed many of the organisation enemies in order to survive, this has giving him a purpose and has made him into the man he is now, someone with no room for a happy future, but for him the Bratva is all he knows, it's his family, he has never once waver on his tasks or questioned the orders he has received, and he has a reputation for being ruthless and committed, that is until he sees Gabriella.
Gabriella in return is such an innocent soul, events from her past haunt her till this day, unable to move forward she has found a way of living and coping the best she can, extremely bright she has found a way to occupy her time doing something that she thinks has no consequence, never in a million years she thought danger was lurking and was about to knock at her door putting her in a situation where she will have to face her fears.

This book is like nothing I have read before, it had me in a constant state of excitement, the plot is explosive and so cleverly constructed plus there's plenty of sexual energy to shock you and enthral you.
Kissing my Killer, Is a complete page turner, you would want to devour the book like me in one go. There are some situations where you want to scream, others make you squirm and many will leave you simply breathless.

Helena Newbury has written the perfect story for all fans of a good romance, but also for those who appreciate a great suspenseful book.

5 KILLER STARS!! Isalovesbooks

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